Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Its been some time!

Well, I am ashamed to say I totally dropped this for a few months. School got underway and well....time flew off on the earliest plane out.

Next semester though should see some more time available for all the things I like better than school. The 17th Adventus has grown somewhat out of control, much like a grey, plasticy cancer. I have a box of running torso's in the back of my car that need to be finished. This combined with the starting of a new game I have come to really enjoy, Infinity.

This little jewel of a miniature game popped up about 5 months ago out at FTW Gaming in Richmond. I really liked the manga inspired style and meant to start it, but finances and time was tight so I simply got a starter box of Aleph and that was that. I went through a training game though just recently and really enjoyed the system they created. You dont simply stand by while one person acts. You need to be actively apart of all turns as your forces can react to the enemy. Something I havent seen in another miniatures game, and something that really makes this game tactical.Running across an open space in the board can, and probably will, get that model killed.

My Imperial Guard army on the other hand has been busy winning. I have come in 2nd at two Rogue Traders since the last post. Always close to first, but relying on Reserves has the side effect of always haveing that "one game". I hope to get some new pictures up of the IG I have created over the last few months, along with some more info on Infinity.

Until next time, peace.