Friday, July 30, 2010

(Fluff)Friends in Low Places

Kensin looked down into the newly drained well one more time, apprehensively. He could only see about five to eight feet down and then darkness. He nervously checked his Assault Shotgun for what seemed like the one hundredth time as Private Grenor tied off his harness to the tripod mounted pulley system over the hole. With one last tug to check the harness he backed away. Kensin was stripped of his shoulder armor so he could more easily fit into the hole, and simply had his chest armor and black fatigues. His lo’ stick was taped to his helmet and his long knife was sheathed loosely at his side.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another WIP pic of Thor

Ive been working on Thor and decided he will be the leader of one of my Carapace clad veterans squad. So I am green stuffing on some carapace. When its half dried I will go back and touch of the curves and make them more angular. I also have a few different scopes in my army.

New Bases!

Well I have just placed an order in with Dark Art's Miniatures for 30 new Urban Themed Bases. Much of my army uses Dark Art's Miniatures themed bases as they are great quality and cheap. I love these bases.

Dark Art Miniatures - Urban Themed Bases

$5 will net you 10 individually molded bases. I will often use a small drop of super glue on my figures to secure them to the base they come on and then get them painted. When the themed bases come in I wash em, spray em, paint em and then transfer the mini to theme. As they are resin they do need pinning to keep the model on. I originially didnt think about it until my models began popping off in a stiff breeze.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Well, I have just realized why I havent explained my need to mutilate myself by making a fully customized, and highly detailed horde style IG army. Like snow flakes, so far out of 150+ models, not a single one is the same or even similar. They are all in different poses, using different weapons in different positions, all have seperate gear such as extra knives, or swords, or weapons, and all have different battle damage. Because of my color blindness, painting battle damage takes some time as I can only work on a couple at any given period. If I let the black dry too much its too hard to find to paint the boltgun over it, giving it that worn and shot up look.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

WIP Shots of a few characters

I have a couple characters here for viewing pleasure. The first is of a Sergeant I have dubbed 'Thor' for rather obvious reasons. The second has no name as of yet as I already have a William Wallace. The last one is a personal favorite and great find for me. Mad Larkin!

Monday, July 26, 2010

New Camera

Well I got myself a brand new camera and I am really liking it. I don't have anything uploaded yet but I am playing around with it. I will be uploading a bunch of new pics tomorrow of a few things!


Well I will be picking up a camera today after work at best buy and hope to have some shots of a a few new units I have been converting up including Sergeant Thor, and Wiliam Wallace(sadly william wallace has had some nasty luck on the table...Vindicares hate him for no reason). So I hope to get some new pics up later tonight!

Also, thanks to "th other Kevin" You are first in the followers! Congrats! You dont get nothin but you do get my thanks! (I know its not worth the keys its typed with but its soemthing :P)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Command and Valkyrie

Well I just realized I forgot to post the pic of the command squad. This is Lady Seras and the three advisors. The second is the valkyrie.

2 Squads of the 17th Adventus

Well I have found a few shots of a couple of my squads I had forgotten I had. These are pictures of 2nd and 3rd Squads and a couple of the command and Lady Seras.

This squad has the android vox caster. Theres a few others like her in the rest of the army, adding more to their fluff around being hated by the Adeptus Mechanicus. I also made her after a Terminator Marathon so that adds to it a bit as well.

These models have since been based on Dark Art Miniatures Urban bases. These guys have great bases for very cheap. $5 will net you 10 detailed bases, a lot of my army is based on them and really adds character to the army.


I made this a while ago while I was bored. I was motivated by the White Dwarf cover for the new Manticore/deathstrike kit I believe.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Behind Enemy Lines

Private Kensin Fole sat on the ramp of “The Spirit”, one of the company’s valkyries, as he ate the last cracker of his meal. He was a lean somewhat small man, with short black hair. The sun had darkened his already tanned skin and stubble was growing thickly on his face. Many people he knew despised the munitorums meals, but he’d always been somewhat partial to them.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The 17th goes to war!

Well with the troops in my army expanding, and the painting of the core units almost complete I have gotten the competitive itch I said I would never get. I have been going to Tourneys. After haveing such a great time at FTW Gamings Rogue Trader Tournament I have decided to travel to Fredricksburg for another to help represent the Stony Point Refugees gaming club. I will again put my all outflanking Light Rifles army to the test to see if I can pull out a top 3 and another Best in Show.I have learned a few lessons from the last RTT that I hope to implement in this next tourney.

1. Never split the party. Especially with Guard. I learned twice not to split my command to deal with an enemy I thought they could take. IG are still IG no matter how well equiped they are.

2. Take your time. A couple times I tried to speed my valkyries with vets across the board to cap an objective on turn 4 or 5. This one also falls under the first lesson. The valks of course were shot down and no one was able to get to the objective. If I had waited I would have knocked out their antivehicle that next turn and had open air all the way to the objective.

3. Never rely on reserves, no matter how good a bonus to your roll. I learned this hard in my second game of the RTT when Lt.Telmar(Al'Rahem) never came in evenw ith an Astropath. This lesson is hard to use though because my whole army relies on Reserves. I guess we will have to just see how the dice gods feel.

I look forward to the tournament as it is supposed to get a great turnout and will have people I have never met. We will see how it goes and hopefully the 17th Adventus can have a little victory.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Basic background of the 17th Adventus

------The Fall of Advent:
As I am one of the oldest, and most schooled members of our unit left, it has been passed down to me to tell of our past, where we came from, and why we go about doing the things we do the way we do. We always walk a fine line, and I believe our unit would have been dissolved long ago if it wasn’t for the efforts of the Inquisitor Lord Kregorus in using us to our utmost. I suppose I should start from the beginning then so this can make sense.


Well, this is my first post so I figure I should explain this. This blog will be focused on Warhammer 40,000 with some touches in Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Its main focus will be on my Imperial Guard army. The 17th Adventus Light Rifles.

What motivated this blog? This blog was motivated by wanting to create a single place that I can post story articles, battle reports, ideas, and pictures involved with my Imperial Guard army. While this wont be completely devoted to this goal(I got to have variety after all), this will be the usual focus.

Whats special about me? Not a damn thing. I do like to have an opinion though, and I love to discuss these opinions. Thus, this.

I personally enjoy writting fluff and hobbying the most in this hobby. I have found there to be a great community of 40k bloggers and look forward to making my mark!