Saturday, August 28, 2010

I return

I return to the ability to blog some more lately. Finally have internet and a working router. I also have completed my first set of five rough riders! They have turned out fairly well and seemed to fit nicely. I will post pictures at a later date, but currently I am happy with them.

I look forward to posting some new battles and creations at later dates.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

(Fluff) Sacrifices

~Part 2 of "One Bad Day"

Thunder crashed, and the wind howled as Kensin, Rin, Grenor, Yosen, Wit, and the unconscious Elrin hunkered down in the small alcove. They found this alcove just below the ledge they had come to several hours ago, trying to get to the outposts of the now burning city below them. They sat together quietly; all of them wondering what should be done now.

Upcoming storm

Well, a lot of stuff is going on this week for me. I am finishing up my summer internship, packing, and getting ready to move into my new apartment with folks this friday. As such I dont really have a lot of money to spend on the hobby, ergo no new models coming out for a little while. I probably will not be posting much either this week, as I finish up the project here I am on in my internship.
So, lots of stuff goin on, luckily for me, all good. I look forward to getting back to my modelling though as I cant wait to get to those Rough Riders I want to create. I guess I will just have to wait!

Monday, August 9, 2010

(Character/Fluff) Major Kris Konin

Age: 66
Rank: Major, Color Sergeant
Major Konin is a gritty, scarred man and one of the few left in the regiment that remembers Adventus before the Fall. A stolid man of few words, what he does say is often taken with great thought.

Friday, August 6, 2010

More Pics!

I have been organizing my pictures on photobucket, figuring out what pictures still need to be taken, and what pictures are available. Heres a few more that I found that are available.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

(Characters/Fluff) Lady Seras Hykonan

Age: 23
Rank: Lady of House Hykonan, Lieutenant-Colonel within the Imperial Guard

Seras is the hot blooded, charismatic leader of the 17th Adventus Light Rifles. While only 23, she has a great gift of leadership, having the ability to rally the beleaguered to her and to motivate men to great feats of heroism. Her voice can be heard, ringing clearly over the din of battle with that of her second in command, Major Konin...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

(Fluff)One Bad Day

“Kensin! Private Kensin!” the voice sounded distant to him as he blinked his eyes open, and saw Specialist Grenor’s shaggy face over him saying something.

“Private Kensin! Can you hear me?” the somewhat older man said, his voice seeming to focus.

Conversion Madness!

Well it would appear that I have gone completly mad. With new Advent troops being made I am finding myself repeatedly trying to out do the last batch. While this could lead to some very characterful troops, this is also the problem. I am now becoming drowned in newly made models after a couple Battalion boxes worth of Guard. Its taken me about about a week and a half to construct my last battalion box and its still not quite finished with a couple running torso's left. This with at least 2-3 hours a night spent after work on them, plus this last weekend.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A few army pics

These are a few shots from my army on the board. The first is a picture of 2 Avias and 2 Ave'Rangers I converted up. The second is the new model for Lady Seras I have been using. The third is of the Stormtroopers, and the last of the Demolisher.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Battle Report Adventus 17 vs. Necrons (2000)

Well, here is my first battle report. It had been some time since I had played against Necrons, but I knew I simply had to saturate fire into them and hope they dont get up. The battle was a bloody one and was sitting at 1 kill point to none until turn 5 when it jumped to 6 to 3.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

(Fluff) Some Thing's Are More Important

The blast of the mortar shell rained dirt and dust down onto Kensin as he sat against what remained of a manufactorums rock-crete wall. His lasgun sat across his lap as he spooned what was called beans out of a tin can with a bent spoon, which he would have bet was older than him. Another shell crashed nearby, raining more dust into his lunch. As he tried to cover his meal with a hand, his thoughts suddenly turned to how good pepper would have been in the beans. The spice would have really added that necessary kick to it to make it worth tasting. The sound of boot steps and loose rocks moving suddenly caught his attention. Swiftly drawing his ancient revolving pistol he aimed it at the sound only to see the shaggy, bearded face of Private Grenor and the boyish face of Private Yinsin Frand starring back at him.