Monday, July 25, 2011

An Infinite Loop of Infinite Less Games

Sorry about the title. It really has less to do with this article than you may think. I have simply had a lot of programming jokes flying around and I had to throw it out there. But to get to the meat of this!

I finally have a Marut in the mail from the United Kingdom! I cant wait for this baby to get here as I have had my eyes on it for a while. I will be going with a very light blue and medium gray color scheme on this behemoth and using all the little tricks I have learned this summer. Its going to be a beast to tackle as the detail on the model is simply incredible.

This T.A.G is also being accompanied by a box of four Myrmidons, and with the addition I made of a Dasyus Hacker, and Sophotect a couple weeks ago my force seems to be rounding itself out The Asuras Spitfire midel and the Dakini HMG are soon to hit store shelves, for wich I am looking forward to as the only special weapon I currently have is a MULTI-Sniper rifle carried by a Nagas. While this Nagas has proven herself time and again, it would be good to have a torrent of fire to accompany it. I am also being tasked by the girlfriend to paint up her nomads for her. So far I have finished the Reverend Moira with HGM, and holf finished with a Sin-Eater Observant with MULTI-Sniper Rifle. Nomads have a lot of models though...all with little details. This could be a long project.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thoughts on Warmahordes!

Warmachine has become a very well known name in the tabletop community. Beginning to get into the commercializing gig as much as GW they are quickly tallying up players to beat down with some magictech/steam powered/voodoo powered armies. Its a pretty crazy fast paced game. Hordes, its younger brother seems even more crazy, and they are both huge fun cause of this craziness...