Monday, July 25, 2011

An Infinite Loop of Infinite Less Games

Sorry about the title. It really has less to do with this article than you may think. I have simply had a lot of programming jokes flying around and I had to throw it out there. But to get to the meat of this!

I finally have a Marut in the mail from the United Kingdom! I cant wait for this baby to get here as I have had my eyes on it for a while. I will be going with a very light blue and medium gray color scheme on this behemoth and using all the little tricks I have learned this summer. Its going to be a beast to tackle as the detail on the model is simply incredible.

This T.A.G is also being accompanied by a box of four Myrmidons, and with the addition I made of a Dasyus Hacker, and Sophotect a couple weeks ago my force seems to be rounding itself out The Asuras Spitfire midel and the Dakini HMG are soon to hit store shelves, for wich I am looking forward to as the only special weapon I currently have is a MULTI-Sniper rifle carried by a Nagas. While this Nagas has proven herself time and again, it would be good to have a torrent of fire to accompany it. I am also being tasked by the girlfriend to paint up her nomads for her. So far I have finished the Reverend Moira with HGM, and holf finished with a Sin-Eater Observant with MULTI-Sniper Rifle. Nomads have a lot of models though...all with little details. This could be a long project.

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