Thursday, June 2, 2011

(Character/Fluff) Captain Murosav Telmar

Age: 43

Rank: Captain, “The Fox”


Captain Murosav Telmar is a legend among the men and women of the 17th. A man of brilliant cunning and calming spirit, he has led his platoon for more than 20 years. The entire regiment leans on his strategic skills for almost all operations, and is the person mainly responsible for the way the 17th fights. He knows his regiments strengths and weaknesses, and knows how to use each.

Born well before The Fall, Murosav was sent to the best schools by his parents, and when he turned 18, went to the planetary capitals officer training school, Mount Varneal School of Officer Training. He had his sights set to join the Imperial Guard as an officer, and maybe become a Lord General one day. He excelled at his school work, receiving various honors and commendations. This ended though three years in when the ten major houses fell to the ruinous powers. At 21, he escaped Mount Varneal, and followed refugees up into the mountains towards House Quelran, the closest of the loyal houses. There he helped to set up their forces, House officials using his training and knowledge to their utmost until the house was forced to retreat back up into the mountains where he reconnected with House Hykonan. He quickly displayed himself as a brilliant tactician and leader. With the fighting skill of the most seasoned warrior and the mind of a warmaster, he made a name for himself and many men and women either transferred or simply left to join his growing unit. He led successful missions throughout the entirety of The Fall, and is mentioned as one of the main reasons the forces of chaos had such a hard time getting to Hykonan Prime.

It was during this time that he was gifted Dragons Tooth by the Lord Talen Hykonan. This blade is an ancient relic of the time of the Dark Age of Technology. Accepting this, it became a common companion of his, always ready to jump into his grasp. Its ancient technology felling foes with skilled cuts, that normally would only wound them.

Even the Lord Hykonan entrusted his daughters first command under Murosav Telmar, and the two quickly began working in concert, creating brutal strikes and runs through the enemy forces. Creating and executing crushing booby traps and ambushes. Many saw them as cut from the same mold, the two almost able to read each others mind. Many believe they have grown closer than friends since The Fall and it is not uncommon to see them together around the camps.

Telmar was one of the few men that have remained relatively unchanged by the destruction of his home world. He remains a calm and calculating man and has well earned the moniker, The Fox.

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