Tuesday, June 14, 2011

GW price hikes and me

I am not going to flame GW, I am not going to say, "How dare you evil corp!". Those have all been said. I like GW, I always have. But they are a business, and like all businesses they have to have money.

These price hikes recently though have pushed me from the game that I really dont want to be pushed from. For the forceable future I wil not be buying any of their products, simply because I cannot afford to. It's to expensive to buy as regularly as I need. I will be doing more of the specialist games, focusing on my Aleph for Infinity, and Circle for Hordes, and of course, I still have plenty of IG that need work done to them. I doubt that work will cease anywhere in the forceable future.

For now though, I have to start weening myself off it. I am sad to say that it is harder than it seems. Especialy with the new Dark Eldar scourges, had to get a friend to slap them out of my hands for me. So on to toher things for the time being! We shall see how long this stint lasts!

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