Thursday, July 22, 2010

The 17th goes to war!

Well with the troops in my army expanding, and the painting of the core units almost complete I have gotten the competitive itch I said I would never get. I have been going to Tourneys. After haveing such a great time at FTW Gamings Rogue Trader Tournament I have decided to travel to Fredricksburg for another to help represent the Stony Point Refugees gaming club. I will again put my all outflanking Light Rifles army to the test to see if I can pull out a top 3 and another Best in Show.I have learned a few lessons from the last RTT that I hope to implement in this next tourney.

1. Never split the party. Especially with Guard. I learned twice not to split my command to deal with an enemy I thought they could take. IG are still IG no matter how well equiped they are.

2. Take your time. A couple times I tried to speed my valkyries with vets across the board to cap an objective on turn 4 or 5. This one also falls under the first lesson. The valks of course were shot down and no one was able to get to the objective. If I had waited I would have knocked out their antivehicle that next turn and had open air all the way to the objective.

3. Never rely on reserves, no matter how good a bonus to your roll. I learned this hard in my second game of the RTT when Lt.Telmar(Al'Rahem) never came in evenw ith an Astropath. This lesson is hard to use though because my whole army relies on Reserves. I guess we will have to just see how the dice gods feel.

I look forward to the tournament as it is supposed to get a great turnout and will have people I have never met. We will see how it goes and hopefully the 17th Adventus can have a little victory.

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