Monday, August 9, 2010

(Character/Fluff) Major Kris Konin

Age: 66
Rank: Major, Color Sergeant
Major Konin is a gritty, scarred man and one of the few left in the regiment that remembers Adventus before the Fall. A stolid man of few words, what he does say is often taken with great thought. His wife and newborn daughter were killed early in the Fall, and he never mentions them, even to this day. Since that day he has become a calculating, cold individual. That was until Lady Seras befriended him. He considered the young girl at the time to be like the daughter he lost many years before. He taught her some of his many martial arts, namely Zal’Karev, an art of swordsmanship. Konin, a man of massive stature, is a master of many differing forms of martial arts, most lost to the ages since the 17 Families colonized Adventus. His family was always warriors, even before they joined the Hykonan family long ago, and were always well regarded as advisors and leaders within the Family. Such is his prowess he has abstained from using any ranged weapons except for a few throwing knives, preferring instead to wield his double power fists into battles.
The man has become a legend within the regiment, more so than Seras herself. Most men look up to him as the epitome of what a warrior should be. A direct opposite of the bombastic Gunnery-Sergeant Rock Harker, he makes war his business, mastering it. During the fall of Advent he fell many opponents, seeking out the corrupt marines of Slaneesh and Tzeentch and dueling them in close combat. The men of the Adventus Rifles claim he killed a company worth of Chaos Marines during the fight, but none know for certain, many claim this as an exageration. Konin speaks little about it, but his scarred face and body stand as a testament to his feats of heroism. It is confirmed that he went toe to toe with a great Sorceror of Tzeentch. Seeing no fight as unfair or insurmountable, Konin made his way to the Champion, weaving his way through arcs of warp lightning, barely missing them until he got to the Champion. Using his ancient power fists he ripped the Sorcerers head from its neck; warp lighting spewing from the wound.
During the retreat of the 17th, Konin was one of the last to leave. Leading a squad of veterans and a few Salamanders outside the second wall, he led a fight into a thick throng of the chaos forces, retrieving the only standard of the Hykonan family left intact just before its destruction. He lost all of his men except for a Salamanders Sergeant and Marine, these three soldiers teleporting out of the fight into the Inquisitors Black Ship. Konin was treated for massive damage. He had been stabbed three times, shot seven times, and had his shoulder ripped from his body, his arm left hanging by the full harnessed power fists only. He survived with extensive bionic replacements and continues to fight, bearing the very standard he fought to protect.
A wise teacher, and thoughtful leader, he has helped advise Lady Seras through many campaigns, holding the colors high, inspiring the men around him. He has often become the voice of reason for the Lady on the battlefield and off. He has clashed with other Imperial commanders when he considers Lady Seras in the right. Many are rightfully intimidated into silence by the massive, scarred man though, his presence a presence on its own.

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