Friday, August 6, 2010

More Pics!

I have been organizing my pictures on photobucket, figuring out what pictures still need to be taken, and what pictures are available. Heres a few more that I found that are available.

Captain Vigo Telmar:
The auspicious commander of first platoon. Hes well known in the regiment for his off the wall tactics and strategies. Wielding Dragonblade, an ancient heirloom of his family, and his tempermental plasma pistol he leads his troops from the front, assualting the enemy from any angle they dont expect.

Sergeant Klaine and Specialist Helena:
Sergeant Klaine, commander of 3rd Squad, 1st Platoon, was the first and one of very few Female Sergeants of the 17th. Confident and commanding, she leads her men boldly into combat. Under her command is the odd individual, Helena. One of the only surviving 2 Androids the Adventus' mad engineers created, she has developed an odd, aloof personality over her time and doesnt fit in, no matter the mens best efforts. She is usually found in company with Klaine more often than not.

Valkyrie's "Spirit" and "Eagle":
Spirit and Eagle are the companies oldest and most venerable valkyries. Piloted by veteran ace's Tam Harding, and Leon Janks respectively. They have flown thousands of combat missions successfull. Spirit has almost become a lucky charm, fights often breaking out over who is delivered into the warzone with it as invariably, whoever rides in Spirit to war always returns without a scratch.

Eagle and Spirit in action

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