Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Conversion Madness!

Well it would appear that I have gone completly mad. With new Advent troops being made I am finding myself repeatedly trying to out do the last batch. While this could lead to some very characterful troops, this is also the problem. I am now becoming drowned in newly made models after a couple Battalion boxes worth of Guard. Its taken me about about a week and a half to construct my last battalion box and its still not quite finished with a couple running torso's left. This with at least 2-3 hours a night spent after work on them, plus this last weekend.

Poor Sergeant Harker is up to his eyeballs in Ave'Ranger convertions after I found a few sprues of wood elf bodies. Luckily for him they are all females, so I have not heard him complain too much. I have my fourth sentinal built, and am ramping up to buy a third valkyrie somtime soon maybe.

One thing I have had my interest piqued at however is the upcoming Seekers of Slaneesh. I have only posted a single picture of the Avias but I do have a number of them and are a eye catcher on the table. I will be creating an Avias based rough riders unit. This unit will be using the dark elf cold ones, seeker daemonette legs, and glade rider torsos. I had been trying to find a good conversion for creating rough riders for my force as I have always wanted to try them, now I have a good excuse to convert some up. The avias conversion went very smoothly and blends well so I am hoping this will too.




Something for sure, cant wait to see if this works.

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