Monday, August 2, 2010

Battle Report Adventus 17 vs. Necrons (2000)

Well, here is my first battle report. It had been some time since I had played against Necrons, but I knew I simply had to saturate fire into them and hope they dont get up. The battle was a bloody one and was sitting at 1 kill point to none until turn 5 when it jumped to 6 to 3.

17th Adventus Light Rifles
Lady Seras Hykonen (Counts as Creed)
Major Konin (Counts as Kell)
1x Medic
1x Vox
1x Veteran
1x Astropath
1x Officer of Fleet
1x Bodyguard
Chimera: Pintle Heavy Stubber, Extra Armor

Sergeant Olrin and 9 other Storm Troopers:
2x Plasma Guns
Power Weapon/Plasma Pistol
Chimera: Pintle Heavy Stubber, Extra Armor

1st Platoon:
Lt. Telmar (Counts as Al'Rahem), 3x Grenade Launchers, 1x Vox
5x Squads: Plasma Gun, Vox, 1x Commissar

Av'Rangers(Veterans with Harker, 3x Meltas)
Bravo Squad: Veterans with Grenadiers, Demolitions, 3x Melta
Delta Squad: Veterans with Grenadiers, Demolitions, 3x Melta

Fast Attack:
2x Valkyries: Multiple Rocket Pods
3x Scout Sentinals: Lascannons

Heavy Support:
Leman Russ Demolisher: 3x Heavy Bolters, Pask

Destroyer Lord: Phase Shifter, Res Orb

10x Immortals

13x Warriors
13x Warriors
13x Warriors

Fast Attack:
8x Scarabs: Disruption Fields

Heavy Support:
3x Heavy Destroyers
1x Heavy Destroyer

The Mission was standard deployment, Annihilation. I split the 1st platoon into a squad of 20 and a squad of 30. Veterans were mounted in Valkyries, the storm troopers took Behind Enemy Lines. Everything was placed in reserves for outflanking except Seras who was in reserves normally (she granted Scout to the Leman russ Demolisher). I had first turn.

Necron Deployment: He placed everything in centerfield, clustered around two ruined bunkers, the immortal occupying one, warriors occupying the other. Res Lord in the center with two blocks of warriors, and the nightbringer on the flank with a bunch of scarabs.

+++Incoming Vox Transmission: Source Verified+++
+++Sender: Lord General Grumond Veron+++
+++Recipient: Lieutenant Colonel "Lady" Seras Hykonan+++
+++Orders: Move to site Delta Bravo One One Three. Unknown attacker has overun defenses. Push them out at all costs and cleanse the area.+++
+++Objectives: Destroy Unknown Assailant+++
+++Orders Approved: Lord Inquisitor Hector Krugor+++
The roar of the Valkyries engines were heard in the back of Kensins head as he made sure his equipment was prepared. Looking out of the opened back and side hatches he saw the flight of vlakyrie assualt transports taking them to the objective. On had its troop compartment gone and had a....borrowed Leman Russ, Demolisher Pattern held in grav locks. Adjusting the power of his Lasgun Kensin looked over to the scraggly face of his friend, Specialist Grenor. He was adjusting the optics of his bionic right eye as he made his lasgun ready. He was unable to utilize his Longlas for this battle, Tess was making some modifications to it back on the ship. The men were tense. Normally they knew their enemy but this fight, no one knew what or who had taken the defenses at the border post. They were flying blind, almost literally...

Turn 1:
-Me: With everything in reserve, there was nothing to do. It always unnerves an opponent and brings curious looks from onlookers when they see an Imperial Guard players deployment zone empty.

-Necrons: Moved to occupy the bunkers and set up deffensivly in a square.

The valkyries jets screamed as it touched down on the ground, the squad unloading quickly. Most of the transports left except for a few the company itself owned. The valkyries containing the elite units continued on, screaming through the air. Behind him, vtol jets screamed, knocking up the loose dirt. With a loud clang the magnetic locks of the Leman Russ released and with a grinding crunch it hit the dirt, engines firing up as it tested the weapons mobility.
"Squad Commanders! Lets move out, keep your wits about, the defenses are just ahead" the vox bead crackled with Lieutenant Telmars gruff voice.
Kensin and Grenor nodded to each other and took off with the squad over the dusty, dry ground...

Turn 2:
-Me: The 1st platoon, Bravo Squad, Stormtroopers, and Command made it onto the field. The right side gained 1st Platoon, and the Demolisher. The left gained Bravo Squad and their valkyrie. along with the storm troopers. 1st Platoon is able to send a little bit of fire into the Immortals putting two on the ground(they were in range of res orb). The valkyrie and chimera open up into the Scarabs killing two. The command chimera takes up a parking spot inside a building with a good vantage point.

-Necrons: The necrons retaliate harshly. The scarabs move to charge the Valkyrie and Chimera while the Immortal open up into 1st platoons 20 man squad, killing 7. They pass leadership. A warrior squad shoots long range at the valkyrie, getting a weapon destroyed result, knocking off a rocket pod. The lone heavy destroyer shoots and immboilized the chimera, creating a vehicular wall that my troops get stuck behind while also saving them. The scarabs charge into the fray, immobilizing and stunning the valkyrie, and doing nothing to the chimera.

Kensin had never seen the green, glowing lines of energy that came form one of the bunkers before, let alone seen a weapon more horrific. The squad dove to the ground as almost half of them were literally vaporized, skin, bone, all of it as the energy hit them.
"What witchcraft is in that bunker?!" someone yelled.
"The Emperor only knows, throw fire into it and see if it stops!" Sergeant Klaine yelled.
Lasrifles cracked, throwing bolts of red energy into the bucker. As the rounds hit the red light dimly illuminated their foe. Kensin couldn't tell very well but it looked almost like metalic skeletons shooting at them. From behind Kensin heard the grinding treads of the Demolisher comeing up. With a loud, reverberating boom the cannon reported itself to the front line. The heavy shell crashed through a wall in the bunker, exploding. Kensin grinned and the squad began to rise. Nothing survived a demolisher shell, but to their horror the enemy fire barely waivered, forcing them to the ground once more. Grenor was hit by flying debris, knocking him unconsious against the wall of the crater they had doven into. Through the dust and fire he saw skeletal shapes moving from behind the structure, his eyes widening in horror at the monstrosities he saw...

Turn 3:
-Me: The remaining units enter the battle. Demolisher, Delta squad with their valkyrie, and the three sentinals on the left, while Harker joined the fight on the right. The 20 man squad opens up, knocking down an immortal while the demolisher knocks down 3. The thirty man squad moves into position to pounce next turn. The stormtroopers and Bravo squad disembark from their transports and join up with Harker, using the vehicles as cover and destroying the scarabs. Sentinals open up putting the rez orb lord down to 2 wounds, the command chimera taking the last off with its heavy stubber and multilaser, laying it down.

-Necrons: Move to defenses, and firing out of both sides. The valkyrie is shaken again. The heavy destroyers try and take out the demolisher but dont even manage a glance. A few casualties are taken but everyone is entrenched and hard to kill on both sides.

Kensin fired on the targets moving towards them, the squads lasbolts bouncing off their metalic bodies. Condensed green beems from larger floating figures, with massive guns on their arms shot at the Demolisher. The behemoths thick plated armor protected it though, recieving only scorched marks. From above, the screams of a valkyries engines drowned everything out as it roared over head, releasing a salvo of rockets into the bunker as it suddenly dropped from the air. Kensin thought it was going down until at the last minute the vtol jets flaired so hard the ground glassed and Bravo squad jumped clear, the vtol jets flairing it again to get it airborn, its multilaser stitching the bunker.
The green energy beams continued hammering the squad as they shot from the cover of the crater. They managed to take out a few with the help of the glowing plasma guns. One gun over heated, venting its power pack onto Specialist Yan, scorching him. The squad couldnt do anything but fire at the monsters as they marched towards them, slowly, inexorably...

Turn 4:
-Me: This was not my best turn. I wiffed a lot of rolls including three melta gun shots at the destroyer squad, missing all three, laying one down with lasguns. I only managed to get in two kills that were permanent with the lord down. Only the 30 man unit moved up. The rest shot from the cover they had.
-Necrons: Began moving out towards the Veterans and storm troopers with the Nightbringer and a squad of warriors. I had been ignoring the nightbringer not simply to try a phase out but because I simply didnt have the tools to hurt him. Luckily for me the guy was very protective of the nightbringer and was hesitant to get him out there. A lot of squads were wittled down this turn but still the only kill point was for me from killing the scarabs.

The monsters continued to move closer, and to Kensin horror the ones he thought to have died rose back to their feet, or dragged themselves along the ground. How could something take so much fire and stand back up. The squad was becoming more and more determined to put them down for good, they have to die soemtime. Suddenly from around a building a great figure came floating around. It had a larger uper body than the ones it was hovering over with a great menacing bladed staff that crackled with green arcs of lightning, its lower body that off somekind of flying machine. Kensin sighted it and it looked at them, unlike the other machines this one seemed to have a cold intellect in its eyes, only hatred was visible.
The squad opened up into them but ti wasnt enough, the machines suddenly picked up their pace and charged into them. Kensin barely had time to raide his gun to deflect a wickedly curved axe that protruded from the end of one of the machines guns. The strength of the blow sent him reeling though, loosing his grip on his lasgun. He was standing back up, drawing his sword when something hard hit him in the back of his head, pain flared briefly before blackness took him...

Turn 5:
-Me: This is the turn kills began rolling in for both sides. The immortals were finally wiped out and the 4 destroyers, giving me 4 kill points in total.
-Necrons: Wiped out the 20 man squad, and destroyed the immobilized valkyrie. It came down to close range heated fire fights now.

Kensin blinked his eyes open, coughing on the dust, grimacing at the pain in his head. Lasrounds stitched the air above him and a couple of the metal monsters lay, unmoving around him. Crawling he got to the lip of the crater in time to be showered in debris of a demolisher shell hitting amongst the retreating monsters. The shell tore them apart along with their leader, and the screams of a rocket salvo from a valkryie banking around the bunker finished off the survivors. The remnants of the platoon began to move up and the demolisher ground by him, its heavy bolters chattering. The crunching of boots next to him made him roll over. He felt a warm wetness running from his head.
"Private! You alright? Medic!" Lieutenant Telmar yelled, sinking his blade into the dirt and kneeling next to him.
A medical officer came running up next to Telmar and began looking Kensin over.
"You'll be alright trooper. Sir, I got him, you can continue on." the medic said. Telmar nodded, grabbing his blade, he looked down at Kensin and grinned with a wink.
"I heard enough stories about you boy, I dont think this is the last chapter." he said before waiving his blade forward and barking orders...

Turn 6:
-Me: The blood bath continues as my veterans and Stormtroopers step forward from cover and take down the 13 man squad of warriors around the nightbringer in a torrent of fire. The demolisher and Valkyrie knock out the Lord and the squad that assualted the 20 man squad. The Veterans in mid field move up and melta two warriors to death. The Necron player conscedes as he had fallen under his phase out limit and couldnt bring any back due to instant deaths.

Me: 6 Killpoints
Necrons: 3 Killpoints

It was an enjoyable game over all. The Necrons could have done better and would have probably won if he didnt invest in the heavy destroyers or the nightbringer, instead bringing destroyers and a monolith. He wrote his list thinking I played normal line infantry with a great many vehicles.

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